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Note:  Quality Workshops (QW) has discontinued live continued education, online CE renewal programs, and the Vermont 40 Hour Pre-licensure self-study offerings until further notice. For additional assistance with currently “Approved Programs” or questions pertaining to obtaining a real estate license in Vermont please click here:  Vt’s Professional Org or  https://sos.vermont.gov/real-estate-brokers-salespersons/

Students enrolled after July 1, 2021 need to complete their programs no later than 6 month from enrollment date to receive a valid certificate of completion. For further assistance please send an email to support@qualityworkshops.com requesting a call between 9 – 3 PM Mon thru Fri.

New programs are being considered for future offerings and will be added as soon as applications are approved by Vermont’s Real Estate Commission for credits. Until such time candidates for new licensure, brokers, salespersons, buyers and sellers of real estate may purchase non credited content for the purpose of knowledge in all areas related to the purchase and sale of real estate.

Having mutual knowledge by all parties will save time and money while working with agents, state agencies having laws or rules governing all aspects of transfer of real estate title, lending institutes, attorneys, state and local permits, contractors and/or any licensed services used to purchase of sell real estate.