Career In Real Estate
Vermont's VREC Approved
40-Hour Pre-Licensing Program
Self Study
for Vermont Real Estate
Brokers or Salespersons

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Are you self-motivated ?
Are you looking for a career in Real Estate ?

Would you prefer a self study prelicensure program ?

If you answered yes to each of these questions and have the discipline to communicate by phone and internet for individualized instructor support, then QW's RECampus Partnership is ready to assist in making these goals a reality. Taking that initial step in obtaining your license with as little assistance as possible, will help develop the skills required from today's demands on professional real estate agents. If you would like to learn more about Quality Workshops' correspondence program be sure to visit our Pre-licensing Overview and Program Procedures links or send an email to:   
Support Policy:
Quality Workshops recommends 4 to 6 weeks to complete Vermontís 40 Hour Pre-licensing by distance learning. Students may complete the program at their own pace with full content support up to 6 weeks from enrollment. To receive a certificate of completion Students must submit a complete Progress Report by an email attachment to . This includes end of chapter quizzes from Modern Real Estate Practice, at least one 100 Question custom exam from the AMP Q-bank, and their best score from the Vermont Laws Quiz Room.

No refunds are offered following 10 days from enrollment. Partial refunds up to 10 days from enrollment are limited to 50% of enrollment tuition fees only. Passing Vermontís Real Estate Commissionís exam is the responsibility of each self study student and may require multiple trips to the exam. Pre-licensing programs are not designed to guarantee all content will be covered on the exam.

Be sure you have read and understand PSI/AMP's information pertaining to obtaining a license linked from Vermonts Sectretary of State (SOS) under SOS subtopic "Statutes, Rules, & Resources" resourses for PSI

Quality Workshops' Self Study Course is your one stop shop for resources, support, and licensing information. For addition assistance with enrollment send an email to:

Be sure to specify a time between 9am and 3pm (M-F) when you are available with internet access.)